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Flexiwash Custom Built Concrete Wheel Wash System

The Flexiwash Custom Built Concrete Wheel Wash System is ideal for quarries or long term site applications. Generally more cost effective than a portable wheel wash, with the same washing power and result.

It is built onsite in concrete, with removable galvanized or painted steel grids for easy cleaning.  This system fully recycles the water, similar to that of a portable system, and is usually built in 4 meter ( 13ft ) lengths  allowing for one full wheel revolution.

The systems is powered by a 11Kw wash pump, and uses 120 direct jet nozzles to clean the outside, inside & threads of each tyre. Also the undercarriage and chassis of the vehicle.

There have been many different variants of the FlexiWash, all can be catered to the requirements of the customer, and use of onsite facilities in order to save on costs.

For example, we have used onsite lagoons, excess quarry water, browsers, as well as mains supply water to operate these wash systems.

The FlexiWash is generally a system that we work very close with the customer, as every quarry has its own unique facilities, that we can generally work with, again saving on costs.

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