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•How many truck movements will the SiteWash 4 meter cater for?
The SiteWash will cope with 150 truck washes per day. If there is more requires, you will then need to upgrade to a 6 meter or an 8 meter system. ( 8 meter = 400 washes per day )

•Is there much maintenance with them?
No. Simply clean the recycling tanks when needed. This is determined by the number of truck washes per day, and the type of material that is being washed.

• Do you need a concrete base?
Not necessarily for short term applications. Depending on the customer preference, a concrete base will provide better stability, however, a sand base should also be placed onto the concrete for levelling purposes.

•If I don’t have 3 phase power, can I use a generator?
Yes, a minimum of 65Kva Generator can be used.

•If I don’t have a water connection near by how can I use the system?
You can fill the water tank by bowser if a water connection is not available, however, regular checks on the tank would be required, as the system will not work on low water level.

•Do you have to dig out for the tank or can you get a surface mounted unit?
Surface mounted units are also available, but cost much more. It’s cheaper to dig the hole