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Wheel Wash Systems manufactured by Rota Contracts

Wheel Wash Systems manufactured by Rota Contracts

A bit about us

Wheel Wash Systems manufactured by Rota Contracts. The company was set up in 1991 to supply and manufacture wheel wash systems to the Irish market.  Trading as Rota Contracts Ltd since 2007, we are one of the largest manufactures of wheel cleaning systems in Ireland today. We are now looking to target the UK with our SiteWash and FlexiWash systems.

Modular Systems

At Rota Contracts, we offer huge benefits to the customer. We work very hard to design the correct system that will fit their requirements today. Bu we also focus on catering for future onsite demand through our modular designed systems. All systems can be added to at a later stage as the clients requires.


Wheel Wash Systems manufactured by Rota Contracts can be custom made to suit any requirements. Such as over head damp systems, wash down hose options, lagoon and tank recycling, and misting systems. Contact us today to discuss your exact requirements and we will be more than happy to provide a working solution for you.

We generally try to accommodate any customers requirements when it comes to washing and dust control. This has been vital to the success of our company.  Dealing direct and listening to what the client wants is of utmost importance to all involved. Being contactable at anytime and not running from problems is what we expect from our suppliers, so why should we be any different with our customers.

These are some of our core strengths, and is why so many people choose Rota Contracts as their preferred wheel wash/wheel cleaning supplier.